About Deep Roots Property Solutions

Deep Roots Property Solutions is a local real estate solution company that is based on the Northshore and serves the South Louisiana and South Mississippi region. Real estate expert, Courtney Fricke, has nearly a decade of experience and frequently works alongside of many local real estate professionals to assist them when real estate problems arise. Truly an exceptionally active leader in the real estate industry in our region.

Courtney states, “We love our community and care about solving the real estate problems that exist. We know that we bring a positive effect to the local community when we solve problems associated with real estate. For example, when there is a property that sits vacant for years, even decades, the level that it carries over to others is often not realized. Nearby property values are hindered, quality of life for neighbors is impacted, property taxes may not have been paid and therefore the local municipality suffers funding wise, etc. By demoing, restoring, or remodeling the property, we are helping remove the eyesore, improve the neighborhood, and put it back into commerce. That is just one example, but there are numerous examples of how we can help.

Furthermore, we focus on solving problems that the most common real estate professional, a real estate agent or broker, often cannot or will not assist with. This is why we frequently work alongside them as a referral partner when they encounter owners that need the help that we can provide.

We are here to serve and we consistently look to give the property owner a variety of solutions, even if those solutions are not doing business with us. Why? Again, we truly care about solving the real estate problems of our community. We stand behind that. We are willing to step out of the way if we think that we are not the best solutions for someone who reaches out to us.

Our reputation and years of experience in this community not only serves to show you that we know what we are doing, but it also serves as a hedge of protection with how we conduct business. We care about serving others in our community well and we care about doing it for a long time. We’re not looking for a quick buck, an easy solution, or even to convert everyone who contacts us into a piece of real estate that we buy. We know that we aren’t always the best fit for people but we will use all of our resources to give our very best professional opinion every single time.”

How We Work With Homeowners

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